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21 Savage - Mr. Right Now (feat. Drake)

[Intro: Young Thug]

[Pre-Chorus: 21 Savage]
I'ma slide anytime you want
Put you in Chanel, I'ma teach you how to stunt (21)
Slip and slide like a waterfall
You need some TLC, we can creep if you want (21)

[Chorus: 21 Savage]
Ayy, turn your phone off, take your clothes off (21)
I'm a savage, but I fuck her to a slow song (21)
Turn the lights down (21), lay the pipe down (21)
I ain't Mr. Right, but I'm Mr. Right Now (Straight up)

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
She want me to fuck her to Beyoncé (Straight up)
But I don't treat her like she my fiancé (On God)
Make that thing sing like Sade (21)
1942, it ain't no Chardonnay (21)
In a Lam' truck (Yeah), with my Richard on (Yeah)
Got a pretty girl (21), that I'm feelin' on (21)
We in quarantine (On God), but my M's long (On God)
Buddy lame-lame, he got friend-zoned (On God)
Got a couple spots (21), and they all owned (21)
Bought a penthouse (21), 'cause I'm never home (On God)
Threw my heart out the window, feelings gone (21)
Threw my heart out the window, but

On “Mr. Right Now,” 21 Savage and Drake trade bars about introducing their women to luxury lifestyles and boasting their respective sexual prowess. They drop references to multiple R&B staples, including TLC, Keith Sweat, and SZA. 21 Savage has often expressed his love for R&B. He frequently covers songs by legendary and modern R&B artists on his Instagram story. Metro Boomin provides a melodic instrumental built around a carnivalesque sample.

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