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21 Savage - Many Men

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
I kept it solid the whole time (Ayy)
I ain't never, ever play both sides (Ayy)
East side nigga 'bout gunfire (Ayy)
Pull up in a van and the door slide (Ayy)
We ain't never throwin' no white flag (Straight up)
Gotta get smoke when the bros die (Straight up)
They gon' spin 'til the car hot (Straight up)
Don't call my phone 'til some more die
New Maybach, I don't need no key
I was in the dirt, you didn't believe in me
My attention span too short
Don't wait for pussy, you teasin' me
Bad lil' vibe, she pleasin' me
Spend a whole M, yeah, easily
I get the cash and put it up fast
I think I got JB in me
Edge of the bed, she sit up (Ayy)
Suckin' on me 'til she got hiccups (Yeah)
Back in the day I did stickups (Ayy)
Favorite hotbox was a pick up (Yeah)
Say you want smoke, don't pick us (21)
Face shot, now you can't get up (21)
Candlelight gang, nigga, shut up (21)
We known for shootin' shit the fuck up (21)

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