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21 Savage - Brand New Draco

We ain't giving out smoke, we giving out embalming fluid
Spin that shit every day, every night
Back to back to back to back to back
Y'all niggas can't even trap, nothing
Post up, nothing, kick with the hoes, barbeque, nothing
We spinning back to back
Two weeks, three weeks straight, nigga, on God, nigga
Big 4L, pussy

Rockin' ice like I'm tryna make a knot go down (21, 21)
When the police hit the lights, I do not slow down (On God, on God, on God, straight up)
Brand new Draco ready to crash like when the stocks go down (Pyoom)
I'm rich for real, I could press a button and make the opps go down (Nah, facts, pussy boy)

[Verse 1]
Maybach with the shade (Straight up)
Brand new CTS all red like the Braves (On God)
Y'all just started slidin', we was slidin' back in the day (21)
21 Gang, woodgrain on the K (21)
Big Slaughter, nigga, big dagger in my face (Straight up)
Ski mask, fuck a camera, gun him down on tape (On God)
Breaking news, FOX 5, pussy, we don't play (Straight up)
I call my Hellcat OVO 'cause it keep a Drac' (Facts)
Red dot, headshot, pussy DOA (21)
Count me a ten in one minute, count a whole hundred in ten minutes (On God)
Niggas need to call they hood Beyblades 'cause all we do is spin in it (On God)
I own me a couple establishments, I ain't worried 'bout your business (21)
Y'all running 'round here gossipin', I'm tryna make me some more millions (Pussy)
Ridin' with a stick in the hotbox, I ain't never put my phone in it (Pussy)
We call your main bitch pussy hood 'cause all we do is joan in it (Pussy)
Money the only paperwork I put my bros in (Pussy)
Somebody please unthaw my ears 'cause they frozen

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