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10 Years - Now Is The Time (Ravenous)

--Verse 1--
Appetites reach all time highs
No ones seems to care who dies
Prey on every little thing in sight
To kill or be killed state of mind
Anything to stay alive
Never ever show your terrified

It's a common casualty
To trust in what you see
Saints and Scholars
Don't even bother
The bullet in the blood
Came from those you love
Friendly fires
Death by a liar

Dumb, Deaf and Blind
(Dumb, Deaf and Blind)
Fall back in line
(Fall back in line)

Now is the time
To open your eyes
You need it, you want
You did it, You got it
So act you own it this time
The coma of lies
Comfort your mind
Your feeding the fire
And bleeding desire
It's down to the wire this time

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