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Synthpop is a type of pop music in which the synthesizer is the dominant instrument or otherwise is highly placed in the mix. In the 80s, it was associated with the new wave scene, particularly with the success of groups such as ABC, Duran Duran, and Erasure. Kraftwerk (from Germany) and Yellow Magic Orchestra (from Japan) are often hailed as the pioneers of the style due to their experimental 70s work.

Brian Eno and David Bowie's post-punk and glam rock influenced work also has been often looked back at. The terms 'electropop' and 'dance pop' are often used interchangeably with 'synthpop', but genre distinctions do exist, especially clear in listening to more recent artists playing strident electroclash-like music. Generally, synthpop is more sparse sounding and classically pop influenced than electropop, which often takes in dark, moody lyrical influences as well as more frenetic and less melodic instrumentation. .

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