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00s/10s Scenecore Definition:
This is music often associated with the Scene Kid urban fashion subculture in America. As is such, this is not technically a musical genre but rather an umbrella term to describe a branch of modern pop-rock combined with influences/derived from a variety of heavier rock genres.This is music often mistaken for the older punk offshoot genres such as Hardcore, Screamo, Emo, Post-Hardcore and Metalcore. While being similar in some respects
(having roots in hardcore, instrumental minimalism, screamed vocals, heavy use of distortion, breakdowns, etc) the bands under this umbrella term are fundamentally and sonically different. This genre confusion occurred soon after many "emotive" bands with screamed vocals became popular in mainstream media, causing them to be referred to as anything from screamo to emo to metalcore by fans and critics.

Stylistic origins
Pop-Rock • Power Pop • Pop-Punk • Glam Metal • Metalcore • Post-Hardcore • Alternative Rock • Alternative/Nu-Metal • Post-Grunge • [May contain Progressive Rock, Rap and/or Electronica elements]

Modern Scenecore Definition:
happy hardcore, hyperpop, crunkcore, and emo rap influenced artists that gained traction on soundcloud in the mid 2010s, with notable artists being the collective Cutemobb and its members 6snot, h3artcrush, 2007myspacegirl, kevinhilfiger, and riffey. Other artists have spawned influenced by their sound, including the likes of xaxanity, hoshie star, rebxyyz, p4rkr, arawra, oryx, 03osc, xexio, graves, and 8trxck .

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