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Rage is a subgenre of Trap developed in the early 2020s. It is characterized by dense, repetitive synth work inspired by 2010s Electronic Dance Music, mainly Future Bass, mostly basic “buzzing” sounding waveforms over conventional Trap drum programming, typically performed in an energetic rap style. The genre also takes cues from the production style of Pi'erre Bourne, whose work with rapper Playboi Carti laid out the foundation for rage's unorthodox and repetitive song structure. This departure from a conventional Hip Hop song structure contributed to rage's distinct 'punk ethos'.

Emergence of the genre would first appear with collaborations between Working on Dying's F1LTHY and Playboi Carti on the dissonant Whole Lotta Red. However, it was Trippie Redd's ''Miss the Rage'' snippet that gained major popularity around the internet, notably composed by reversing a future bass loop from a Cymatics sample pack, which later led to the naming of the genre being commonly searched on YouTube as ''Rage Beats'' or ''Rage Type Beat''. Rage has been heavily influenced by the Soundcloud scene, specifically artists from subgenres like Plugg/PluggnB, Digicore, and Cloud Rap. .

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