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Bubblegum bass (sometimes called PC music, bubblebass, post-ringtone, hyper pop or bubblegum badass) is a new style of electronic and pop music which amplifies cuteness, femininity and deliriousness to extreme levels, often pitching the vocals upward and warping the rhythm through a frenzied bass and wonky filter. The production uses bouncy, plastic-sounding synths and further draws from a variety of club sounds, including eurodance, house, trance, grime, footwork and R&B.

Bubblegum bass takes a lot of inspiration from nightcore, causing some overlap between it and nxc.

Visually, conceptually and sonically, bubblegum bass also tends to employ a disorienting post-internet aesthetic not dissimilar to that of contemporary artists such as Ryan Trecartin and the DIS Magazine collective. It addresses themes of consumerism in an accelerationist manner by emphasizing the slickness and banality of pop music, pushing it to either an intense simplicity or an intense surrealism or both. At the same time it focuses on creating sincerely joyful music with its saccharine playfulness and may therefore be described as post-ironic.

SOPHIE and A. G. Cook are the two best known producers in this style; the latter producer's label PC Music is the label most associated with the style. .