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Chillstep is Dubstep with emotion. Often bearing combinations of jazz-like rhythms and 80's inflected synth tones, it is not just a subgenre, but a trip into the realm of sub-bass that opens your mind and touches your soul. Usually characterized by much deeper and more consistent bass sounds than mainstream Dubstep, Chillstep is influenced by Future Garage, a variant of UK Garage which has prevalent Dubstep and Ambient influences.

Notable artist is Blackmill in the early years. CoMa, EvenS, Krisu (previously known as Killigrew) and SizzleBird have also contributed to the sound of chillstep over the years. Several other artists have helped the genre to grow and develop over the years such as, Eminus, Sacred, Vexaic, Faux Tales, Sappheiros, Jacoo and Electus to mention a few. .

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