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Bubblegum dance is a pop music subgenre that is considered to be a type of Euro house, that is also known as Eurodance music. The genre is characterized by cute lyrics and happy sounds. Bubblegum dance usually has a more pop sound than other Eurodance. The lyrics and style are often light-hearted and are not intended to be taken seriously. They are often amusing and cheerful.

The name "bubblegum dance" was probably coined because of its similarities with the 1950s pop music, in which the women artists often appeared in photos with a pink bubblegum balloon in their mouth and exaggerated, wide and colorful skirts. Some subsequent pop styles have also been silly and cheerful, such as 1980s pop music. In bubblegum dance tracks, females usually sing the chorus, often in a high-pitched tone. Males often provide rap vocals, which are sung in low tones. Bubblegum dance music can be described as cheerful, amusing, silly and childish, which may suggest that the songs are aimed at children. However, this is not always the case - it is common for "bubblegum dance" artists to use sexual or suggestive lyrics in their songs that are more appropriate for adult audiences. .

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