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Bedroom pop is a style of Indie Pop which arose in the 2010s, named for solo producers and singer-songwriters who created intimate, "authentic" music in their own homes, outside of a traditional studio environment. The genre is generally characterised by a warm, reverbed, and hazy or sleepy atmosphere inspired by the psychedelic and nostalgic sounds of Hypnagogic Pop as well as elements of its intentionally lo-fi recording aesthetic, though in bedroom pop this is often done out of necessity. Other key parts of the sound come from styles that are pastiched by hypnagogic pop, such as the surreal and sometimes comical elements of Psychedelic Pop, Sophisti-Pop's focus on complex chords and influence from Soul and Jazz, and the synthesizer-driven sound of Synthpop and Synth Funk. Also sometimes included are elements from music popular in the 1990s alternative scene, like the subdued, reverbed sound of Dream Pop and the smooth and nocturnal atmosphere of Trip Hop.

In contrast to the often experimental and anti-commercial hypnagogic pop, bedroom pop typically remains within more accessible bounds, and pulls all these influences into a more conventional and modern Pop direction with melodic songwriting and vocal styles often informed by Contemporary R&B (and particularly Alternative R&B). Though some bedroom pop artists use acoustic instruments reminiscent of Indie Folk or electric Rock-based arrangements, many make prominent use of Electronic instrumentation, pulling from 2000s Indietronica and especially the dreamy, summery, washed-out sound of Chillwave, which in mood acted as a direct precursor to the bedroom pop sound. Lyrically, bedroom pop focuses on more personal and confessional songs, sometimes sung in hushed tones to create a more intimate atmosphere, or with a laid-back and lethargic sound to match the music.

The term "bedroom pop" has been in use for decades to describe all manner of home recording projects and DIY artists, particularly those associated with Lo-Fi / Slacker Rock. However, the first hints of a distinct musical style by this name would not emerge until the early 2010s, when the term gained traction with artists surrounding the Orchid Tapes label, including Alex G, Elvis Depressedly, and Ricky Eat Acid, with a sound that was lo-fi, dreamy, and even occasionally inspired by Ambient. At the same time, Mac DeMarco would carve a niche of his own that, while still rooted in rock, combined the laid-back sound of those artists with retro elements from hypnagogic pop that would serve as the genre's foundation. Newer artists like Clairo, Rex Orange County, and Boy Pablo would take and run with this sound in the mid-2010s, with greater R&B and electronic influences that would help to establish bedroom pop as an even more distinct sound. These artists would become popular on the internet through platforms like YouTube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud which allow independent artists to upload their own music, as well as Spotify, whose "Bedroom Pop" playlist would group these artists and help to define the sound. .

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