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Bass house is a form of House that emerged around the mid-2010s. As its name suggests, it is often broadly described as a fusion of house and bass music styles. The genre usually shares many traits of Electro House (in particular Fidget House and Complextro), similarly featuring punchy drums, tempos around 128 BPM, and more complex, synthetic sound design with prominent, fuzzy basslines and dirty leads. It's usually distinguished by influences from Dubstep and UK Garage subgenres, most commonly wobbles and synth growls resembling Brostep. Tracks often also incorporate sizzling leads similar to Bassline, as well as more intense, shuffling percussion resembling Speed Garage. Future House, which rose to popularity around that time, was occasionally influencing the genre as well. That being said, some strains of bass house are more minimalistic, with stronger elements of Tech House, especially Deep Tech, and G-House. Because of this, Brazilian Bass and Slap House are other closely-related genres sometimes considered bass house as well. Another common element of the genre is the frequent crossover with other bass music genres, with many tracks and mixes incorporating parts of Trap [EDM], dubstep, Breakbeat, and Drum and Bass styles. Additionally, bass house's drum samples and synths are often more similar to the ones found in genres like brostep, Hybrid Trap, or Neurofunk and its offshoots, than other house subgenres.

Bass house is said to emerge around the mid-2010s, with Jauz being considered the leading pioneer. The genre quickly achieved big popularity with many viral, festival hits, most notably "Deep Down Low" and "Rock the Party". Skrillex with his OWSLA label, AC Slater's Night Bass, as well as UKF channel, responsible for the UKF Bass House compilation, also largely contributed to the establishment of the genre. Bass house would remain relevant in the next years with notable producers including Joyryde, Habstrakt, Moksi and Brohug. It contributed to the emergence of Speed House in the late 2010s, which often resembles bass house mixed with bouncy rhythms, faster tempos around 150 BPM and other UK Hard House influences. .

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