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“From Me To You” is Quadeca’s fifth album, released March 30, 2021. However, there were a lot of delays and events between the announcement and the release of the album.

In Quad’s music video for his September 2019 single, “SCHOENBERG” with Moxas, an announcement was made that it would drop early 2020. However, the album was heavily delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic halting production. The album was first announced on Quadeca’s Twitter with the hashtag, #FMTY. A $500 reward was given to whoever guessed the acronym correctly.

The album was preceded by two singles; the first being titled “Where’d You Go?,” being released on April 8th, 2020, and the second being “Alone Together,” which was released on April 29th, 2020. The production debuted a very drastic change in his style compared to the last album.

On the last full week of January 2021, Quad changed his Twitter name to “🏔️🏔️…” and each day of that week, Quad removed one character day by day. When the final day arrived on January 29, and one mountain emoji was left, Quad released the official announcement for the album titled From Me To You – Quadeca. A video featuring the background instrumental of “Summit, Pt. 2 (Outro).” He showed clips from his recording process of the album and announced the album would drop on March 18, 2021.

However, on March 8th, the album was pushed back to March 31st, and Quad announced he would drop a single on the 18th instead. He also revealed the tracklist of the album with three features, IDK, PlayThatBoiZay, and Guapdad 4000. Quad also revealed that aside from 3 tracks, all of the other 15 tracks were 100% produced by himself. In the Quadeca community, a large stir was caused as earlier that day, a fan had used Shazam to leak most of the track names. Many people assumed Quad had delayed the album and released the tracklist because of this leak. However, Quad confirmed that this was not the case and that he just got neurotic planning everything out and needed more time.

Two days before release, the single was revealed to be “Sisyphus,” Quad’s favorite track off of the album. However, due to issues with streaming services, Sisyphus was delayed. The music video released on March 20 and the official version went to streaming services on March 24. The track was met with highly positive reviews from people like Anthony Fantano, who had actually previously criticized Quad’s music. .