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Hello is the debut album by American singer/songwriter Poe, released in 1995. The album was called "innovative" by critics due to its incorporation of R&B samples into an electronic soundscape, something that was fairly unheard of at the time.

The first music video for the album was for the single "Angry Johnny"; it featured Poe on the skeletal frame of a bed looking forlorn whilst destroying a variety of effects one might associate with romance (like roses or a box of chocolates.) The song's rage-filled lyrics quickly found her being lumped into the "angry female rocker" category, and the video was heavily played on MTV's Alternative Nation. The second single "Hello" did not fare as well until a remix version was released two years after the album's initial release.

The album is also known for featuring one of the first major-album productions by the late Hip Hop producer Jay Dee on the song "Fingertips". He was responsible for the drum programming on the track.

"Full Band" versions of "Hello" and "Angry Johnny" were released to modern rock radio stations, leading some listeners to believe that this was the sound of the album; upon purchasing it, the full band versions of the songs are nowhere to be found, the album consisting of only electronic/R&B-styled tracks.

After being dismissed by her record label, Poe fought to reclaim rights over the audio-masters to this album, and successfully reissued it on an independent label in 2005.


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