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s/t is khaki cuffs' first full-length album with their full-band lineup. the songs were written between january and may of 2019, recorded in august-september of 2019, and released on April 6 2020. the album was tracked by brody and sam in sams house in newark, DE, mixed by lucas naylor, and mastered by will killingsworth. ryley lovin took the photos on the front cover and brody designed the artwork. the album was originally titled "the best years of your life are over", but the band renamed it after wanting to establish their stylistic change from previous material. a few weeks after self-releasing the album, khaki cuffs was picked up by chillwave records.

khaki facts: the acoustic guitar intro on caffeine cops was recorded in may 2019 when brody wrote the riff and took a video to post on their finsta, the clip of their roommate (Phil) talking was part of the original videoclip. it is completely coincidental that after Phil burps and says "I don’t think caffeine works on me", the song starts and brody starts singing "Phil says"

khaki facts: on day 2 of the drum tracking for this album, drummer sam greaves was throwing up profusely and kept a trash can next to his drum kit for between takes. the last song that was planned to be recorded on day 2 was yellow means 'floor it' which is the most difficult song on the record to play on drums. brody offered to sam that they could record an easier song instead and call it a day. sam declined the offer, nailed the first take, and then puked for the rest of the night.

khaki facts: the china cymbal used on the record (very audible at the very end of Frankie) is actually a 16' meinl HCS crash cymbal that sam and brody drilled a bunch of holes into on sams back porch. the band affectionately calls it the "meinl HCS extra dark holy china" .