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xKore (Real name: Matt Cavender) is a young but extremely talented house/trance/drum & bass producer from Kent in the UK.
In his own words: "My name is xKore and I make dubstep, drumstep, moombahton, electro, and basically all things bass music. I’ve been producing for around four years, started when I was 14 . Only really got into it seriously for about six to nine months now, and it has kind of taken off recently."

His first tracks were released on Newgrounds, and, with his unique style, he's managed to gain a lot of support from the dubstep community, and has been featured on UKF. He's also made guest appearances on Skream and Benga.

His main sources of inspiration are Rob Swire, The Prodigy and Yoko Kanno.

Presently, xKore is both a composer and a DJ; he has mixed his own music with that of other artists, and has generally received favorable feedback from doing so.

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