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Wished Bone is Ashley Roadus from LA via Ohio. Ashley Rhodus has been making idiosyncratic folk songs as Wished Bone for a little while now, on last year’s Cellar Belly and 2015’s Pseudio Recordings, the latter of which we highlighted here in a list of a handful self-releases from that year.
In November, Wished Bone are putting out a new album, Sap Season, and today they’re sharing its lead single, “Hold Me.” It sounds airy and pastoral, but it’s also densely layered within that lilting sway. It’s about a balancing act that never feels like you have enough time. “Deck of cards in my pocket/ How long will I deal before I blow it?” Rhodus sings on it, before affirming: “Deck of cards in my pocket/ I’ll keep dealing til I blow it.”

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