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twikipedia (also known as delta day and bomber) is an upcoming Brazillian rapper, singer, and producer, who has been rising in popularity in the Hyperpop scene. Before taking music more seriously, twikipedia dove their hands into a more comedic rap style throughout 2019 before starting fresh into a more serious career in 2020. On March 12th, 2020, twikipedia released their debut album, die. Following the release of die, twikipedia started releasing some of their most known singles on SoundCloud (led to be the songs and music compilation released on July 30th, 2020), and has since been consistently dropping singles and EPs on all platforms.

Top Tracks
1) hotel
4) titles
5) again
8) poster
9) online
10) cult
11) senta
14) ok like
15) aro
18) stupid
19) rude
20) gossip
21) inferno
22) war
23) dna
25) bronze

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