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theSTART is an American band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1998. Their current lineup includes Aimee Echo, Jamie Miller, Lance Webber and Chelsea Davis.

Echo and Miller formed the band in the fall of 1998, citing a mutual love of old-school new wave, dance-punk energy and dark pop, with bassist Jeff Jaeger, drummer Scott Ellis (Mellowdrone, She Wants Revenge) and guitarist Mike Smith. The latter left during the recording of their debut album, Shakedown!, which was released on The Label, a sub-label of Geffen Records.

After returning from touring, the band found the label was closing its doors, and, after Scott Ellis' departure, released The 1234 EP independently. Following a 2002 summer tour supporting Scarling., the band gathered enough money to release theSTART EP on Smallstone Records. After a tour supporting AFI, the band was signed to Nitro Records. Stabilizing a new line-up with Erick Sanger and Billy Brimblecom, Jr., they recorded their next album, Initiation. In the meantime, theSTART EP was re-released on Nitro Records under the title Death Via Satellite. Unfortunately, on the day of Initiation's release, Brimblecom announced his departure. The band proceeded to tour with artists such as The Offspring, Auf Der Maur and Garbage with a number of fill-in drummers. Sanger was let go in 2006 for unclear reasons, paving the way for current rhythm section Lance Webber and Chelsea Davis. The band also parted ways with Nitro Records, and signed with Metropolis Records later that year, releasing Ciao, Baby in 2007.

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