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Redzed (* 17 April 1998), real name Zdeněk Veselý, is a Czech rapper and music producer. He comes from the village of Starovice in the district of Breclav. He is mainly known for his distinctive style of combining rap music with genres such as nu metal or classic heavy metal. This combining of genres affects both instrumental and vocal expression in his songs. Almost every one of his songs incorporates guitar samples that he records himself, and he also composes and produces the beats himself. Another specific characteristic of Redzed is that although he is Moravian by nationality, he uses only the English language to write his songs. He himself justified this in an interview by saying that he finds English to be a more sonorous language, and he can say more naturalistic things without being overly scrutinized. The strength of his musical concept undoubtedly lies in its genre dispersion, which has the potential to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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