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Luke Whitney was born on May 10, 1991 in Chickasha, OK. He later moved to Beaumont, TX where he spent his formative years growing up and going to school. While in high school, Luke began experimenting with music, singing, and rapping over beats that his cousin Zach was making. The two started out just having fun and playing around with music, giving one another the alter-egos "Louie G" and "Zizzy Mane" and together forming what they called "The Dynamic Duo." As time went on, the talented teens’ music got to be recognized by their local peers and the names stuck…the Dynamic Duo of "Louie G" and "Zizzy Mane" was underway.
Learning to sing from his mother, Louie G developed a smooth, baritone voice that he uses to bounce from singing to rapping through sweet melodies and driving beats. Hits such as "She's So On" featuring Jive recording artist Chalie Boy and "My Life's A Party" featuring fellow Texan Young Twinn respectively showcase Louie G's talent and ability to carry his weight with some of hip-hop's rising stars.

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