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There are 7 bands/artists with the name K: A Korean singer; a side project of Karla Schikele; electronic musician Krister Linder; Drum 'n' Bass producer Kjetil Sagstad, a Swiss singer/songwriter (Nicolas Michel); a Canadian new wave/jangle-pop band from the 80's; a Russian rocker Alex Gorshenev and an American folk singer Stephanie Starr duo.


K (pronounced Kei; real name Kang Yoon-sung) [강윤성] is a Korean singer. After his Korean debut with the song "Good-Bye" in the Korean drama Sunshine Pours, he officially debuted with the release of his first Korean album, 'K Vol 1' in 2004.

After a year of inactivity, K came back to the music scene with his Japanese debut single "over...", which was featured in the Japanese drama H2~君といた日々 (H2~ Days with You). Another drama K was featured in was 1リットルの涙 (1 Litre of Tears), with the song "Only Human".

In January 2006, his second Korean album "Beautiful Smile" and first Japanese album "Beyond the Sea" were both released on the same date.


K is also a side project name of Karla Schikele (Ida, Beekeeper). She's released under this name a track called 'Not here' on 7" (b-side is a cover of 'The plan' - Low).

K :: SWEDEN :: Krister Linder or Chris Lancelot, former member of the 80´s renowned Swedish group Dive. Also a part of various band constellations such as Avatar, Yeti, Illuminum, Society, Solaroid,Cotton Ferox and most recently in the hardcore-trance oriented band Enter The Hunt. The musical projects spreads over genres like IDM , experimental drum´n ´bass, trance-ambient/soundscapes.

First release in the name K came in may 2006 on the own label Ghostfriend.


K is also Polar (real name Kjetil Sagstad), a Drum n Bass and downtempo producer from Norway. Part owner of the Subtitles Music label with Teebee.


K was a Canadian band, originally known as Kultur, formed in 1982 in Toronto, with Erich Boehm, Elliott Shulman and Greg Chown, often with an additional guitarist. In 1985 their video for Voice In The Bush was the most requested of the summer on the MuchMusic video station. However, a record deal never materialized. In 1986 they changed their name to Playhouse 90, and a few years later Erich began his solo career.


What do you get when a Russian rocker and an American folk singer get together? You get a duo called K, that's right, K like the letter in the alphabet. You also get a fresh, sexy new sound that Rolling Stone Magazine called pop-rock with a "country-gothic" twist. K is the conception of vocalist duo Alex Gorshenev, frontman for Russian rock super-group Kukryniksy, and American singer Stephanie Starr, who lends her sultry, countryesque vocals to Gorshenev's dark, menacing sensuality.
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