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Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Jobii is the jazz-inspired lofi project of producer and drummer, Gabe Millman. At three years old, Gabe began to experiment with drums in the most accessible way possible - by banging on pots and pans using wooden spoons as drum sticks. After encouragement from his grandfather, he started learning in a more traditional way and spent the years following his tenth birthday playing in several different bands.

At college, Gabe studied piano, mallet instruments, music theory and history, as well as focusing on his major of sound recording technology. This experience ultimately helped to sculpt the acute sense of harmony and melody synonymous with the Jobii project. After working as a mastering engineer between 2015-2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, Gabe moved to Brooklyn, New York, in early 2018 to focus more on production. From here he released the debut Jobii EP “English Breakfast” in December 2018.

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