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There are several artists using this name.
1. A dubstep producer
2. A metal band

1. Eliminate, real name Nathan Merrill, is a dubstep producer/Dj from the US. Merrill took piano lessons when he was young and then took up the trumpet and drums in middle school.
In 2014 he dropped his first EP under the name Eliminate, called Gravity on Play Me Records. Within a few weeks his dream quickly started to look more like a career. Gravity topped Beatport charts and gave him the confidence he needed to put his Communications degree in a drawer and peruse music with full force.
He is currently signed to Disciple.

2. Eliminate is an American metal band founded in 2013 and featuring former Dark Angel singer Don Doty.
Eliminate's lineup is as follows:
Don Doty (ex-Dark Angel) - Vocals
Sasha Horn (Forbidden) - Drums
Scott Owen (ex-Hirax) - Guitars
Henry Elizondo (Devastation) - Guitar
John Signorelli (Subversion) - Bass

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