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There are seven artists that have used the name Zulu:

1) Zulu is a Mauritian singer, and one of the founders of the group Blackmen Bluz.

2) Zulu are a five piece post-punk band from London.

3) Zulu are a three piece pop punk band from Dublin, Ireland.

4) Zulu is an eurodance act produced by Walter Merziger, Arno Kammermeier and Peter Hayo.
It featured Amadeus and Angie Landoll. They released the single "Pain In My Heart".

Before ever uttering a word behind the microphone, Panamanian MC ZULU had become a luminary of the Chicago Dance music scene. In the late 90's while employed as a sound engineer, he would go on to co-produce several House music tracks. The seedy side of the business ensured that although he would receive a substantial (out of court settlement) payoff, he would not get due credit for his work.

It was during that time that ZULU honed his lyrical talents as a Dancehall Reggae act. Initially he sang in Spanish as well as English. Patterning himself after the likes of Shabba Ranks, El General, Nando Boom and Buju Banton, he released several independent efforts, which were earnest, but failed to gain traction.

ZULU's 2004 "Whitelabel Menace" mixtape release gained him considerable notoriety because of the unique remixes of popular songs. He had developed a pattern of dancehall singing, known as "Reverse 16th", or "Digital Screw". A mashup of his vocals along with AC/DC's "Back In Black" would bring global attention from DJs seeking dubplates, or "specials". The following year he released "Riddim Killah" selling out of his initial stock. This would be his first internationally distributed album, with the help of noted promoter Sharlene Oshiro, also winning him a 2006 Hawaii Music Award.

Since the release of "Riddim Killah" ZULU has worked with a variety of artists, to include DJ Shakin Melodiz, DJ C, Bionik, Aceyalone, Black Silver, David Last, Kool Keith, and Ghislain Poirier. He is a guest vocalist for Chicago Dub band The Drastics, and features prominently on Indo-Dub prodigy Kush Arora's album "Brooklyn To SF". He has also found a home releasing singles for Portland's Community Library Records, as well as Jamaican label Manatee Records.

Pseudonyms / Lyrical References:
Zulu Riddim Killah / Bad Man Zulu / Zulu Man / Digital Screw / Whitelabel Menace / Zulu Star / MC ZULU / Zulu Massive / Zulu D. Rowland

5) Zulu is a stoner/doom/gothic metal band from Budapest, Hungary. Their current line up consists of:
Csaba "Csizi" Zoltán - vocals (ex-Méj/Nesz)
Söptei "Söpi" Balázs - guitars, backing vocals (Xenophobe, Mantis, Negatív Pólus, Nimatech)
Urbán "Kisurbi" Márton - drums
Fánczi "Funky" Gábor - bass

6) Zulu is a peruvian seventies reggae / funk / garage rock band.

7) Zulu is an all Black powerviolence band from Los Angeles, California.

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