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York is an German electronical music duo founded in 1997 by brothers Torsten Stenzel & Jörg Stenzel. Producing Trance, Downtempo and House their productions are know for catchy guitar hooks and delicate dance textures.

Torsten Stenzel began his musical career early in his childhood, learning the piano from the tender age of 5 when he began his classical training. Until the age of 18 classical music and theory were his life, even playing the church organ in his home town for 2 years. In the early 90's his orientation changed and he discovered the rapidly growing techno/house movement. Little by little he put together his own studio and combined parts of his own musical production skills under the broad control of classical theory.

Torsten is currently one of the hottest and most in demand producers in Germany having worked with the likes of Tina Turner, Jennifer Paige, All Saints, Moby, Tarja Turunen, Faithless, Vanessa Mae, Chris Rea, ATB, Rick Nowels, Rob Davis and Nadja Benaissa. With 20 years of production experience and several Gold & Platinum awards, the 'Echo' Nomination and 3 million sold records, Torsten Stenzel is without a doubt a 'Master of Club and Dancemusic'.

Jörg Stenzel has since the age of 11 been interested in stringed instruments, the guitar in particular, and characteristic of great guitarists such as Hendrix and Santana. He has become an outstanding contributor in the studio, and in 1997, while he was busy with ideas to combine guitar anthems with current house and trance grooves, Torsten joined him with his own ideas and 'YORK' was born.

Jörg's very talented guitar skills are still today widly respected within the dance scene. Furthermore considered the key elements of several 'York' productions.

The York discography includes work with Roger Shah, ATB, Schiller, Taucher, Dj Sakin & Friends etc.

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