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Year Of The Knife is a five-piece / band from Delaware. By its very nature, hardcore is a conduit for channeling frustration, aggression, and discontent into musical form, but for Year Of The Knife, that process is so much more than just a simple release. The band’s debut full-length Internal Incarceration is a profound reaction to the very real losses and the challenges of the world around them, and a way to turn that discontent into community, compassion, and change. While Year Of The Knife’s lineup includes actual familial connections—the band is vocalist Tyler Mullen alongside twin brothers Aaron and Andrew Kisielewski on guitar and drums, and husband and wife Brandon and Madison Watkins on guitar and bass—their approach to the band is rooted in the idea of chosen family. The band came together in 2015 over a shared love of traditional metalcore/death metal and an investment in the straight edge lifestyle.

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