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YMCK is a Japanese chiptune band, composed of Midori Kurihara (Vocal and composer), Takeshi Yokemura (Songwriter, arrangement, program and video), and Tomoyuki Nakamura (Video and composer). YMCK was formed in May 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. YMCK's name is derived from the CMYK subtractive color model.

Although their sonority sounds like music from the 8bit Nintendo Famicom (NES in Europe/US) their tunes are jazzy and, according to YMCK, inspired by jazz from the 50/60s.

Their first album 'Family Music' released in 2003 became a modest success and saw YMCK tour international festivals in Sweden, New York, Taiwan and Thailand. Their second album 'Family Racing' was released on Usagi Chang records in 2005. Most recently YMCK have appeared at the Lo-bit Playground v.7.0 festival in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Apart from releasing music and playing live YMCK work also includes remix, DJ, music production for video games and an 8-bit sounds software emulator and editor, free for download from their website.

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