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There are at least two artists/bands with this name.

1) Wintersleep are a Canadian band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. What started out as a side-project, eventually turned into one of the most popular live shows in Atlantic Canada. Wintersleep came together in 2001 and is composed of Loel Campbell (drums), Paul Murphy (guitar/vocals), Tim D'Eon (guitar/keyboards), Mike Bigelow (keyboards '05-'06/bass guitar), Jon Samuel (keyboards/backing vocals/guitar) and former member Jud Haynes (bass guitar).

Wintersleep are a part of Dependent Music, a music label/collective that began in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 1994.

Albums to date (2017) include:
Wintersleep 2003
Untitled Album 2005
Welcome to the Night Sky Oct 2007
New Inheritors 2010
Hello Hum 2012
The Great Detachment 2016

Their music style is rooted in and has and occasional elements. Performances have been described as "entirely honest" and "deeply moving" with "captivating ambiance". While playing live, the band attempts to make the listener as much a part of the music as the band themselves by encouraging everyone to sing along.

They were nominated for two Juno Awards of 2008 and took home one of them: Alternative Album of the Year, and New Group of the Year (which they won).

For additional information and photographs check out Wintersleep's official website,

2) A vaporwave musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Actually Winter Sleep, but autocorrects it to Wintersleep.

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