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Warsore were an anarchist grindcore band that started in Melbourne (Australia) during mid 1995. The original line-up was Paul - Guitar, Erik - Drums, Ryan - Bass, and Eugene - Vocals. But this line-up only lasted for 2 shows and the band was actually improvised , at that time - although still heavily influenced by old Swedish and Japanese bands. Ryan soon got kicked out and Eugene left so he could do vocals in the grindcore band, Disgorge. Then Mark joined on bass and they got Den - the Disgorge drummer - to do vocals, Eric also played guitar for Disgorge, so Warsore and Disgorge were like brother bands. Warsore became quite well-known within underground crust and grind scenes around the world, releasing a number of acclaimed 7" EPs and splits with bands like Autoritär, Unholy Grave, Gore Beyond Necropsy, etc. In 2006, Warsore's longtime drummer, Erik ,passed away and soon after, the band officially called it quits.


'Open Wound' Cassette Tape
Split Cassette Tape w/ Quill
'Nothing But Enemies' Split 7" w/ Gore Beyond Necropsy
4-Way Split Cassette Tape w/ Academic Worms, Feculent Goretomb & Ulcerrhoea
'Brutal Reprisal' 7" EP
'Re-Opened Wound' CD
'Sweet Revenge' CD
Split 7" w/ 2 Minuta Dreka

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