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band formed in 1977 in London, UK. their style combined , and .

Early success was found with singles such as "Warhead", "I Live in a Car", and "Tomorrow's Girls", with several of their songs managing to enter the United Kingdom's Top Forty. Their biggest selling album came with 1980's Crash Course.

With the arrival of new bassist Alvin Gibbs and drummer Steve Roberts in the early 1980s, the songs took on a heavier sound, faster, better quality. But always the punk views. The band has continued to perform, being one of the last surviving bands of Britain's punk era. They have toured constantly over the years.

Now in 2015, with the addiition of Jet on guitar and Jamie Oliver on drums, UK Subs have just released their 25th studio album 'Yellow Leader' to a crescendo of critical acclaim, bringing the band to the final step in their 40 year old mission - to record and release every official album in alphabetical order from A to Z.

  • Info
  • 1977 – present (45 years)
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Alan Campbell Alan Lee Alvin Gibbs Andy Frantic Belvy K … Brian Barnes Captain Scarlet Charlie Harper (1977 – present)
    Clara Wiseman Darrell Bath Dave 'Flea' Farrelly Dave Ayer Deptford John Gary Baldy Gregor Kramer Jacek Ostoya Jamie Oliver (2005 – present)
    Jason Dulldrums Jet (2006 – present)
    Jim Moncur Kevin Nixon (1980 – 1980)
    Kim Wylie Lars Frederiksen Matt McCoy Nicky Garratt Paul Margolis Paul Slack Peter Davis Peter Revesz Rab Fae Beith Richard Anderson (1976 – 1977)
    Ricky McGuire Rory Lyons Simon Rankin Stephen Straughan Steve Roberts Steve S. Jones (1977 – 1984)
    Steve Slack (1977 – 1984)

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