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There are several artists with this name: 1. the former keyboarder of Genesis, 2. a Toronto-based rapper, 3. a hip-hop artist and producer from Berkeley, CA.

1) Tony Banks founded Genesis with Charterhouse classmates Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, and others.

His solo works meander from albums that sound like whatever Genesis were doing at a similar time (A Curious Feeling, The Fugitive, Bankstatement, Still, Strictly Incognito) to film soundtracks (Soundtracks, The Wicked Lady). He has also now released three albums of classical music: Seven (A Suite for Orchestra), Six Pieces for Orchestra, and 5.

Most of his albums feature a troupe of singers (most notably Fish, formerly of Marillion), although he does occasionally provide his own vocal (The Fugitive being the only one he sings entirely himself). Additional musicians vary per album.

2) Rapper, Songwriter and Producer Jay Light (formerly known as Music Bear Tony Banks) is a Toronto-based New Yorker who has found fresh musical freedom in the electronic music world.

3) Ant or Anthony Banks is a hip_hop artist and producer from Berkeley, California.

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