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Italian straight edge hardcore band To Kill were active from 2004-2010. They toured relentelssly, following their self-titled debut release on Still Life Records and Watching You Fall in the U.S. on Catalyst Records. In 2006 they signed with GSR Records and released Vultures, followed in 2008 by When Blood Turns into Stone and in 2010 by Antarctica.

To Kill played a huge amount of gigs around Europe and the U.S, releasing their passionate on-stage fury with bands such as Path of Resistance, Most Precious Blood, Bane, Champion, Comeback Kid, Walls of Jericho, Agnostic Front, Terror, and Gather. To Kill were proud PETA supporters in their fight for animal rights as well as human rights.

JoshXmosh - voice
Tommi - bass
U-go! - guitar
Jai - drums
Federico - guitar

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