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Thursday is a band, formed in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1997. The band consisted of Geoff Rickly (lead vocals), Tom Keeley (lead guitar, backing vocals), Steve Pedulla (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Tim Payne (bass guitar), Andrew Everding (keyboards, backing vocals), and Tucker Rule (drums).

Thursday released their debut album, Waiting, in late 1999 with original guitarist Bill Henderson, who left the band in 2000 and was replaced by Steve Pedulla. The band gained popularity with the release of their second album, Full Collapse, in 2001, and released their third album and major label debut, War All the Time, in 2003, which reached number seven on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. Thursday released their fourth album, A City by the Light Divided, in 2006, and two further albums, Common Existence and No Devolución, before announcing an indefinite hiatus in 2011. In a January 2013 interview, Geoff Rickly confirmed that the band had actually disbanded. However, the band announced a reunion in 2016. Their reunion would conclude with a performance at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY in March 2019.

The band has been considered influential to the post-hardcore music scene in the 2000s, and is credited as one of the key bands to popularize the darker emo sound and screaming vocals which came to prominence at the time.

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  • 1997 – present (23 years)
  • New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States
  • Andrew Everding (2002 – present)
    Bill Henderson (1997 – 2000)
    Geoff Rickly (1997 – present)
    Steve Pedulla (2000 – present)
    Tim Payne (1997 – present)
    … Tom Keeley (1997 – present)
    Tucker Rule (1997 – present)

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