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There are two artists with the name Thunderball:

1) Thunderball draw from their love of the 1960s and early 70s to create multi-faceted soundscapes designed for modern spy chases and late night encounters.

Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona are the agents behind Thunderball. Over the past six years they have been working from their hidden studio, Fort Knox, producing music that stealthily crosses tempos and defies genres. They have released 10 singles and two full-length albums on Thievery Corporation's Eighteenth Street Lounge label.

"We are interested in breakbeat in all its forms," says Raskin. "Tempo is just one of the elements that we use to create the right mood for a particular track. By juxtaposing elements of dub, funk, bossa, and soul, we are constantly trying out new and unexpected combinations to blur boundaries and defy music genres."

Their vision is fully realized in their latest release Scorpio Rising. From the soulful Heart of the Hustler, to the high noon soundtrack, Angela's Lament, Thunderball demonstrate the depth and breadth of their production skills.

2) A nerdcore rapper who is associated with Scrub Club Records. He has appeared on several Noncents complation albums.

3) It was the coming together of Jan Vervloet and Karim Boux that Thunderball was born and with it some of the most memorable Bonzai tracks ever produced. "Bonzai Channel One" became the anthem of the early Bonzai sound with its references to the label and that its style is much better than Mantronics. Another big hit followed with "Thunderdance" and the classic line "get up and keep your hands in the air to this" and "It's Your DJ" soon after, both on the very popular Hardcore, Techno label Bonzai Jumps.

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