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There is more than one band with the name "The Trouble"

1- The Trouble formed in the spring of 1996 from the ashes of a failed basement punk band called "Saturdays Kids" that had, earlier that year, played the talent show at Belmont High.
Good friends who met at shows and from hanging out in harvard square in the early and mid 90's, The Trouble got their name from a misheard Cock Sparrer lyric. Gibby and Mike Hendricks thought that the words to the band's "Bird Trouble" were: "You got you got you know what? THE TROUBLE", (instead of "Bird Trouble") and the name stuck.
The band played shows around Boston, gaining a small following among the skinheads and punks, eventually releasing an EP and later a full length CD on Atlanta based Oi and Streetpunk label GMM RECORDS.
Often missing gigs entirely, showing up without equipment, or jumping on stage to split sets with friend's bands, The Trouble never left the Boston / Providence / Portsmouth area save a show in Ithaca NY once, and a show in Atlanta in 1998.
Shortly after recording their full length record and releasing a few compilation tracks, the band split. For no real reason at all, it just came apart. Their farewell show in Boston in May of 1999 at the Greek American in Central Square was shut down by police shortly after they performed, and the records soon fell out of print.

Sam Cave went on to play in the band The Explosion, The Tonsils and is now a solo musician happily living in Canada.

Gibby went on to form the Boston hardcore band Panic and is now involved in the electronic project Louderbach.

Makt Peterson went on to perform in dozens of bands in NY, including jazz and rock groups as well as (rumored) Choking Victim.

Mike Hendricks continued to play in bands in and around Boston while finishing up school.

12-The Trouble is the name of a Chicago band, formed by Eliza Cuts (Vocals), Aaron D. and Brian S. on 2008, same year where "The Trouble EP" was released on the internet, avaiable for free download on their official myspace.

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  • 1996 – 1999 (3 years)
  • Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States
  • Gibby Miller (1996 – 1999)

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