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The Receiving End of Sirens was a five-piece band based out of Boston, Massachusetts, that is commonly referred to as TREOS for short. The band consisted of Alex Bars (Vocals/Guitar), Brendan Brown (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Nate Patterson (Guitar),Brian Southall(Guitar), and Andrew Cook (Drums). The band was formed in 2003.

Andrew came up with the name after hearing police sirens one day at work.

The band originally consisted of all of the above except for Brian, with ex-Fake ID singer Ben Potrykus as the Lead Vocalist and frontman of the band. Alex and Brendan were friends from high school who attended Northeastern University in Boston. There they met Andrew and they began to form a band. Old high school friend Nate, who was attending Southeastern University in Florida, relocated to Springfield, MA to join the band. Ben, who was in high school at the time, was recruited through the internet.

The band released two demos (a total of five songs) during this time period.

After some sort of conflict that may have involved the rest of the band's willingness to look for a relatively large record label, Ben left TREOS to form The Lido Venice, a project. At this point, the band met Casey Crescenzo (originally from California) while working at Urban Outfitters and he joined the band.

TREOS wrote a song around this time called Dead Men Tell No Tales about Ben's leaving the band in which he's assumedly accused of abandoning the band. Ben retaliated with a song called Salvo Brio that references the band by name and accuses them of pushing him out of the group.

The band played their first show with Casey on April 20, 2004 and released a 5-track self-titled EP before signing to Triple Crown Records around September.

The band released their first full-length album, Between the Heart and the Synapse in April 2005.

Casey also has a solo side-project called The Dear Hunter. He recently played his first show under the Dear Hunter name with the other members of TREOS backing him up by playing their respective instruments.

They are currently expecting to record a cover for a compilation and an original song for a movie soundtrack. They're also planning to re-release Between the Heart and the Synapse in the near future with a DVD and acoustic versions of several songs.

Vocalist/guitarist/laptop-ist Casey Crescenzo left TREOS in the end of 2006 in order to devote himself fully to his side project, The Dear Hunter. A close friend of the band, Ross, filled in for him on The Twilight Army tour with Circa Survive.

TREOS announced by way of their official website that Brian "The Otter" Southall, original drummer for Boys Night Out, would be their new permanent 5th member. He plays guitar and keyboards, but will not sing.

TREOS' new album, The Earth Sings MI Fa Mi was released on August 7th, 2007.

The group announced their discontinuation via Myspace on March 18th, 2008. The breakup (or indefinite hiatus) was due to Brendan's desire to remain with his wife and newborn child. The rest of the band intends to continue pursuing music somehow.

TREOS announced they are reuniting to play Skatefest 2010, May 8th at The Palladium in Worcester, MA.

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