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The Methadones were formed by Dan Schafer (Danny Vapid) of Screeching Weasel, Sludgeworth, and The Riverdales in the mid 1990s as a side project. But as his main bands began to die down, he began to focus more energy on it. Initially the band was a trio consisting of Schafer, B-Face of The Queers on bass, and Dan Lumley on drums. The current, and most stable, lineup includes Schafer (vocals, guitar), Mike Byrne (ex-Vindictives, guitar, back up vocals), Pete Mittler (bass, back up vocals), and Mike Soucy (drums).
They announced in June 2010 that they will be breaking up.

Aversion Online says: The Methadones take the three-chord simplicity of Ramones-influenced rock and strip it of its sillier themes for straight ahead rock.


Full Lengths

* Ill at Ease - A-F Records September 25, 2001
* Career Objective - Thick Records July 15, 2003
* Not Economically Viable - Thick Records November 16, 2004
* 21st Century Power Pop Riot - Redscare Records June 6, 2006
* This Won't Hurt - Red Scare Records July 10, 2007


* 1157 Wheeler Avenue: A Memorial For Amadou Diallo - Failed Experiment Records June 25, 2002
* Sex and Subversion - Thick Records October 28, 2003
* Go Kart MP300 - Go Kart Records October 28, 2003
* AMP Presents Vol. 4 Pop Punk - American Music Press (AMP) February 22, 2005
* Take Me Down To The Punkrock City - Squash June 1, 2005
* Mean It Man - Thick Records September 13, 2005
* Punk Rock Mix Tape - FastMusic, 2006

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