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Formed in late 2005, with a number of line-up changes since, members coming and going and coming back again, The Koolaid Electric Company is still rising to its peak of musical creation.

With S. Barrett writing the songs that have built the bands reputation of an immense and full-on live show, the rest of the band create a huge sound that has been pulled off by only a handful of bands in recent history. With a complete collection of four guitars at times often throws the music into so many different places that it’s hard to know where the music is going next, vocals with harmonies that are dreamy and yet still clasp onto a reality, and keyboards that give a constant wall of sound throughout. The rhythm section of bass, drums and percussion all give driving and pounding beats which are so hypnotic that it sends the listener or spectator of their live show into a trance so strong that it can make one forget themselves, even if for just a second.