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The Effort are a band from Merrimack Valley, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, United States that strives for change within themselves as well as the world around them. Formed in 2006, the Effort play a style of Hardcore that blends the youth crew sound of Bostons' late '90s with the social conscious lyrics of bands from the early to mid 90's hardcore scene.

The Effort carry on the idea that hardcore is more than music, delving into issues beyond the surface to make their music something more relevant than a background track to mosh to. Taking cues from the social/political 90's hardcore bands like Boy Sets Fire, Trial and Inside Out, The Effort feels it's important to be aware of what this world has to offer and what it threatens to take away.

In such a short time, The Effort have accomplished a lot. With two Eps and a full length under their belts they have gained respect and a strong following in the Hardcore community. Nothing comes easy for a hardcore band, no matter who you are, The Effort have earned everything that has come their way by touring extensively in support of their releases throughout the US and Europe.

After an extensive four month long tour in the summer of 2009, The Effort underwent some changes in their lineup. Filling the empty drum stool is Christian, a resident of CT. Ryan, a long time friend and Newport, RI resident stepped up for second guitar duties. With five dedicated members, The Effort journeyed down and through Central America in the winter of 2010. Making friends and discovering new experiences in the heart of the emerging central american hardcore scene drove the creative flow for their new record.

Wartime Citizens, The Effort's second full length and debut on Panic Records, is set to launch on July 4th 2010. They will be touring extensively throughout the US this summer in support of the new album, including making a stop at Screaming for Change in Vermont, Sound and Fury Festival in Santa Barbara, CA. The Effort plans to close out 2010 with a winter European tour alongside friends At Daggers Drawn and No Decline Booking.

"3 EPs, 2LPs, and 8 tours later we are on an indefinite hiatus 2011"

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