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The Day Everything Became Nothing is a Goregrind band from Melbourne, Australia.

Formed in Melbourne in 2002, The Day Everything Became Nothing continues to deliver extreme percussive grind that is characterised by its dirty, muddy sound. The band's name is derived from the EP of the same name by Canadian punk rock band NoMeansNo. The remarkably guttural vocals, by aid of a pitch-shifting Whammy pedal, are done by Tony Forde, of Blood Duster notoriety, but the band originally featured Kody Abrams. Other members include Xavier Irvine (bass), Dean Engert (guitar), Dave Hill (guitar) and Marty Evans (drums). Hill also plays in Fuck...I'm Dead and Shallow Grave, and Engert was formerly with Dezakrate.

Top Tracks
1) Cut
2) Burn
3) Press
4) In
5) Beat
6) Crush
7) Naked
9) 1
10) Flay
11) Shock
12) Burst
14) 2
16) Horror
17) Subtext
18) Rack
19) Pierce
20) Method
23) Gravel
24) Blind
25) 3

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