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The Apathy Eulogy was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 2005.

The band began as a duo, Rob Kelly (guitar, vocals) and Brian Curlee (cajon).
It expanded to a quintet and has since fluctuated in size.

The initial duo recorded a demo with two songs, "Be My Rescue" and "Daphne Doesn't Love Derby, She Hates Men."

In 2006, Ben Brown joined the band and The Apathy Eulogy released their first album, Things Hoped For, Things Unseen.

In August 2006, Ben Brown left the band and John Cotter (formerly of Vienna), Josh Niles (formerly of Avelyn with Rob Kelly), and Mitch Ryan joined the band.

In April 2007, The Apathy Eulogy released their second album, Beauty for Ashes.

In September 2007, John Cotter left the band yet remained friends.

The band recorded their third album, Introduction: Walk North When The Winter Hits, at John's home studio, Four Horseshoes Recording Studio.

Introduction: Walk North When The Winter Hits was released on February 23, 2008. It was the first of a series of three.

Journey: The Road is Made of More Than Asphalt was released on July 29th, 2008 and is available in digital format exclusively.

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Rob Kelly - Guitar / Vocals
Brian Curlee- Cajon/Percussion or "Box"
Rory Pettingill - Guitar/Vocals
Mitch Ryan - Electronics/Keyboard/Electronics
Matt Prater- Bass/Vocals


Journey: The Road Is Made of More Than Asphalt (2008)
Introduction: Walk North When Winter Hits (2008)
Beauty for Ashes (2007)
Things Hoped For, Things Unseen (2006)



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