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Tha Mexakinz comprised MCs Rudy "I-Man" Archuleta and Rodrigo "Sinful" Navarro and the newest addition to group Manuel"Cashmiro"Navarro They were initially signed to Motown Records sublabel Mad Sounds in 1993, becoming the first Latin artists to be signed to Motown. The group's debut single "Phonkie Melodia" reached #32 on the Billboard Maxi-Singles sales chart in 1994. They gained a strong underground following among both hip hop and alternative rock fans for their bilingual rhymes. With their third album, the duo incorporated elements of alternative rock and ska-punk into their sound.

The duo were still working together in 2006, appearing at the Los Angeles Hip Hop & Reggaeton Fest, and in 2009 began working on new album, with new member Cashmiro.

In 2009, Archuleta was charged with felony sexual assault including two counts of forced digital penetration, two counts of false imprisonment and one count of making threats. The trial began on 1 July 2009, and on 8 July he was cleared of the sexual assault charges but found guilty of making criminal threats to kill his former girlfriend and her entire family. On 23 July he was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to the criminal threats charge.

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