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Listening to Terrenoire’s music, you might think that anything is possible for these two brothers with curly brown hair – and you might be right. Théo and Raphaël Herrerias, who grew up in the Terrenoire district of Saint-Etienne (hence the band name), display impressive creativity across many genres, just like their heroes Frank Ocean and Bon Iver. For want of a better alternative, the word ‘pop’ can be useful to describe their music, although the reality is much more complex. Electro beats, modern classical piano, hip-hop flow, lush vocals…

They seem comfortable with anything they decide to make, and following their mood swings is a fascinating experience. Some of their songs are sensitive and melancholy, while others are on the other end of the spectrum, uplifting and hopeful. Some excel in minimalism, while others opt for maximalism.

Their graceful songwriting can be heard in their first album, ‘Les Forces Contraires’ (2020). In February 2022, the duo is releasing ‘Les Forces Contraires – La Mort Et La Lumière’, adding seven new songs to the first volume. The Herrerias brothers have also managed to found their own label, Black Paradiso, and collaborated with Bernard Lavilliers, a monumental singer from their hometown. From this influential artist, they have learnt how to write lyrics, in French, mixing poetry with social and political commentary. A new important step for Terrenoire: they are one of the nominees in the ‘male breakthrough’ category of the Victoires de la musique 2022. Fingers crossed!

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