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Terranova - is a Berlin based Project for electronic music made up of current members Fetisch (founding member) and &ME ( member since 2006 ). History: The DJ / Soundsystem Project was formed in 1996 by Fetisch with Meister (until 2002) , Kaos (until 2000).
after 3 vinyl eps on munich label Compost , they released 'Tokyo Tower' a collaboration with Manuel Goettsching ( R&S / All Good Vinyl ) , the albums 'Terranova Dj Kicks' (1997 K7) & 'Close the Door ' (1999 K7) Hitch Hike' (2002 K7) 'Peace is Tough' (2003 K7 ) and ' digital tenderness' (2004 Ministry of Sound ). Terranova present Lotterboys (Eskimo 2005) Lottergirls (2007 ministry). in 2006 Fetisch teamed up with &ME and after a few releases on Gigolo records as Fetisch&Me they reformed Terranova in 2009 when Kompakt records signed them for the album 'Hotel Amour' (2012)
Terranova 'restless' their second album for Kompakt was released in may 2015.

History : Terranova Fetisch, Marco Meister and Kaos. They previously went under the moniker Turntable Terranova on the Compost label and sometimes as Edition Terranova. Their music is a fusion of punk rock, electronic and hip hop. They currently reside in Berlin and perform DJ sets at the

Terranova feat Manuel Göttsching "Tokyo Tower", which catapulted Fetisch, Meister and Kaos straight into the British press - exposing a unique sound creation with their fresh blend of Techno hip hop beats and the well-renowned European tradition of electronic music.


2. Terranova is an US based Latin group making Salsa Mergengue music, known from the single Llorarás.

3. Terranova are a Seattle rock group, comprising a pair of female vocalists fronting what is effect a male power trio. Appearing to be influenced by 70s hard rock, the music is overlaid with a pop sensibility. At the time of writing a couple of issues are available on Bandcamp, the last of which was an EP released in January 2013.

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  • 1996 – present (24 years)
  • Dennis Kaun Fetisch Filippo "Naughty" Moscatello Marco Meister Shapemod … Xaver Naudascher

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