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1) Melodic hardcore band from FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas, United States, signed to Facedown Records.

It’s rare to find a band that can successfully balance the immense responsibility of a self-imposed ‘grand design’ with the endless pursuit of entertainment. The ministry-minded Arkansans of Take It Back! are surely no strangers to fun as evidenced by their brand of high-energy posi-hardcore. Taking inspiration from bands such as Verse, Have Heart, Modern Life Is War, and Kings of Leon, Take It Back!’s sound strikes a chord of candor in this synthetic and often insincere industry, and honesty is what they aim for.

“We are tired of watching people around us live and die for nothing” says frontman Nick Thomas. Their lighthearted approach to life on the road and their fun, youth-crew sound belies the band’s willingness to take on a matter very dear to their hearts. “We are motivated by the unfortunate state of the world around us. We want to show people that there is a purpose for this life.” On their follow up release to Can’t Fight Robots Take It Back wear their heart on their sleeve as they chronicle the atrocities of an apathetic society.

Atrocities is Take It Back!’s sophomore Facedown album and will be released on November 10, 2009.

2) Take It Back hardcore-trash-roll band from indonesia