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* Tetsuya Komuro (小室哲哉 Komuro Tetsuya, born November 27, 1958 in Fuchu, Tokyo) Keyboard, composition, arrangement, lyrics, producer, chorus.

* Takashi Utsunomiya (宇都宮隆 Utsunomiya Takashi, born October 25, 1957) Main vocals, chorus. He is acting solo singer. And also, as an actor, performed in the musical "Rent" in Japan.

* Naoto Kine (木根尚登 Kine Naoto, born September 26, 1957) Guitar, composition, piano, harmonica, chorus. He is acting solo singer-songwriter. And also, as an author, written many novels and other books.

TM NETWORK is a Japanese Pop/Rock band. Consisted of Tetsuya Komuro (Keyboardist), Takashi Utsunomiya (Vocalist) and Naoto Kine (Guitarist).

They were original members of a band call Speedway during their school days. The three of them formed TM NETWORK. Their name is commonly thought to stand for "Time Machine Network". However, on September 6th 2006 on an episode of Trivia no Izumi claimed that TM actually stands for 'Tama', the district from Tokyo they all came from. While Trivia no Izumi claims that TM stands for 'Tama' Tetsuya Komuro himself as early as 1984 on the show LiveG, has said that the TM stands for Time Machine.

On August 22, 1983 TM NETWORK took part in "the Fresh Sounds Contest" (フレッシュサウンズコンテスト) which was sponsored by Coca-Cola. The song they performed was "1974" and it was aired on TBS. This was their first step towards a record deal.

They made their record debut with single "Kinyoubi no lion (Friday's Lion)" and album "RAINBOW RAINBOW" on April 21, 1984.

They became famous first in Hokkaido. After a while they had more hits with the songs "Self Control", "GET WILD" and others, soon they became one of the most popular pop/rock bands in Japan.

Several musicians have supported them at their live shows as backing bands such as Tak Matsumoto (B'z), Daisuke Asakura (access), and more.

They changed their name to TMN in 1990, and broke up in 1994. They had reunited under their old name of TM NETWORK in 1999.

They have also compiled with the overseas musicians such as Julio Iglesias Jr., Sheila E, Lee-Hom Wang for "Happiness×3 Loneliness×3".

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