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Sylvester Staline is power violence. Sylvester Staline is a pack of twisted fuckers and these fuckers are releasing their music on various formats, on various labels in various countries since sometime now. All the rest, who really gives a fuck?

That’s the band bio as they put it together. These guys are unreliable boozed lazy fucks, but when it comes to power violence, Sylvester Staline means intensity, unpredictable attitude, fast and fucking furious tunes topped with some of the worst tastes ever in terms of lyrics, topics and song titles. All of this combined is making this pack of junkies one of the leading forces of the genre.

"Sylvester Staline is made up of 1 wigga, 1 smelly, 1 bong, 1 tooth.

They play shitty punk music, played out of time as their drummer drinks to much. The singer wears FUBU as he thinks he is black. The guitar player is to crusty to buy real cigarettes and misses the start of songs due to rolling his own. The bass player cant find the venue due to only being able to see out of one eye, which makes him walk around in circles.

And this ladies and gentlemen is the band Sylvester Staline and this is why we love them….

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