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Switchblade Symphony was a San Francisco, CA, USA, band formed by composer Susan Wallace and vocalist Tina Root, in 1989. During its lifetime, the band had two live guitarists, first Robin Jacobs, then George Earth (ex-Red Elvises) and also two live drummers, first Eric Gebow (now with Blue Man Group), and then Scott van Shoick. Their début album was "Serpentine Gallery" (1995, Cleopatra) and their last original album was "The Three Calamities" (May 1999, Cleopatra).

Their music combined orchestral synth's, / beats and ethereal, sometimes operatic, vocals. Thus, their original and influential sound was created, often defying comparison.

Switchblade Symphony broke up in 1999, after which Tina Root started other projects: solo Tre Lux and Small Halo with George Earth.

Top Tracks
2) Clown
9) Sweet
10) Cocoon
12) Wicked
19) Funnel
20) Fear
22) Insect
23) Rampid
24) Sleep
25) Therapy

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