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Strike Anywhere is a band from Richmond, Virginia. They formed in 1999 after the demise of frontman Thomas Barnett's previous band, Inquisition. Their music is characterized by fast tempos, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics. They have released 4 full-length albums and are currently signed to Bridge Nine Records.

Strike Anywhere is a political band, with lyrics touching on such issues as police brutality, anarchism, anti-capitalism, women's rights, animal rights, and globalization. They have also contributed tracks to political benefit albums, such as a live version of "Sunset on 32nd" for 1157 Wheeler Avenue: A Memorial for Amadou Diallo and "To the World" for the Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 album. According to the liner notes for their album Change is a Sound, they support "the vegetarian lifestyle, the living wage movement, and the fight against corporate globalization".

Current Members:

* Thomas Barnett - Vocals
* Matt Smith - Guitar/Vocals
* Garth Petrie - Bass
* Eric Kane - Drums
* Mark Miller - Guitar/Vocals


* Matt Sherwood - Guitar/Vocals (1999-2007)

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